Dry Fruits

Welcome to AZAAN BUSINESS PALCE FZCO, your premier destination for premium dry fruits! As a leading food trading company, we take pride in offering a delectable assortment of nature’s finest treasures. Our collection features a diverse range of dry fruits, including succulent dates, crunchy peanuts, creamy cashews, delightful popcorns, sweet raisins, wholesome almonds, and rich walnuts. Sourced from trusted growers and meticulously processed to preserve their natural goodness, our dry fruits are sure to elevate your culinary experiences. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a healthy snack or enhance your recipes with premium ingredients, AZAAN BUSINESS PALACE FZCO has you covered. Experience the unparalleled taste and quality of our dry fruits and discover a world of flavor sensation with every bite.

Azaan Dates
10kg Box
Al Saad Dates
10kg Carton Box
Al Dhafra Dates
10kg Box Carton
Al Dhafra Dates
1kg Pouch
Al Dhafra Dates
1kg Pouch
Azaan Golden Raisins
10kg carton
Azaan Black Raisins
10kg box
Mina Golden Raisins
Mina Peanuts
50kg PP BAG
Azaan Peanuts
Crown Popcorn
20kg Bag
Azaan Cashew Kernal
20kg carton
Azaan Almonds
Azaan Walnut

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